Six awesome Jacksonville coffee shops that you should try out.

Did you know that Americans drink 150 billion cups of coffee every year? That would mean just about everyone could have one cup a day, but a recent study pointed out that only two-thirds of Americans drink coffee. Those of us who drink coffee must be having multiple cups a day, and if you’re drinking that much coffee, why not make sure it’s good coffee? Today I want to help you find that perfect cup of joe and talk about my favorite local coffee shops:

1. Bold Bean Coffee Roasters. This local coffee chain has two locations right now, one on Stockton Street and one on 3rd Street. Both have been around for a while now, and I love their coffee. They’re also a good option for getting high-quality beans in your kitchen. You can order it online and have it shipped to you as well.

2. Brass Tacks Coffee Co. Located on Southside Boulevard, they’re a great option if you’re in that area. I find myself there for business appointments a lot. I’ve never taken their grounds home, but they do have food and a great atmosphere. Be warned that it’s a bit tucked away, so you might miss it if you’re not paying attention. 

3. Lucky Goat Coffee Co. This is another great south-side option that’s a bit further east. It’s a Tallahassee-based company with a great atmosphere, and their coffee makes for a good cup on the go. It’s located on Beach Boulevard just east of Kernan Blvd. Just like Brass Tacks, it’s a bit tucked away.

“I want to help you find that perfect cup of joe.”

4. Sago Coffee. I love the atmosphere here. The design is modern, simple, and clean. Of course, their coffee is really good too. If you’re looking for a cool palace to hang out and clear your thoughts, this is a great place to do so. They even have a private office arrangement in the back. It’s right on 7th Avenue North. 

5. Southern Grounds. We have multiple locations here, but the one I’m at most often is the one on Atlantic Boulevard. You can sit outside and watch the trains go back. They have a great atmosphere and amazing food. I would give you suggestions, but all of it is good. The other locations are in the Avendale area, Neptune Beach, and one should be opening at the airport. 

6. Vagabond Coffee Co. Last but not least, this small shop is located in a really fun area on Edgewood Avenue. On top of having great coffee, they also have cool merchandise.

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