Here’s what you need to know about preparing your home for the market.

Selling season is here! Low mortgage interest rates and relatively low inventory are creating a seller’s market, even though things have slowed down compared to historical trends. If you’re gearing up to sell your home, here are some things you should do to get ready for the market.

Start with a pre-listing inspection and address potential issues that might concern future buyers. While it doesn’t need to be as thorough as a buyer’s inspection, fixing these issues beforehand can prevent problems down the road. 

After handling the basics from the inspection, shift your focus to the interior. Painting is crucial, and while you may not need to paint the entire house, touch-ups, especially around baseboards and trim, can make a significant impact. Ensure that the trim is clean and presentable, and address any mismatched fixtures.

“Most buyers form opinions within seven seconds of seeing your home. ”

Professional cleaning is essential.  Hiring someone experienced in preparing homes for sale ensures a polished result. Pay attention to smells, as they play a significant role in selling a home. Avoid strong scents that may cause headaches and opt for more natural options to create a pleasant atmosphere.

Moving to the exterior, address any small electrical or plumbing issues identified in the pre-listing inspection. First impressions matter, and potential buyers form opinions within the first seven seconds of entering a property. Enhance curb appeal with simple measures like mulching, weed removal, and strategically adding flowers. Pressure washing the exterior, including the driveway and house, provides an overall clean and appealing look that can sway a buyer’s decision positively.

I hope these tips are helpful. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Jeff at or call (904) 405-1995. I look forward to hearing from you!