Here are our top 10 destinations for a Valentine’s Day date night in 2020.

With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, some of you might be in search of some great restaurants to try for date night. In the spirit of the season, today I’ll share the Riber family’s top 10 date night restaurants for Valentine’s Day 2020—yes, this list has been approved by my wife!

Starting with the Town Center area:

  • Capital Grille—Who doesn’t love a good steak?
  • Cooper’s Hawk—Their wine theme is perfect for a date night!
  • Bazille—Located at the top of Nordstrom’s, it’s rarely crowded, the food is good, and it has a cool location and atmosphere.

If you’re in the San Marco area:

  • Taverna—This restaurant offers a variety of American entrees with a twist in a modern-decor setting.
  • Town Hall—This intimate restaurant uses fresh, seasonal ingredients from local farms and artisans.
  • Bistro Aix—They’ve totally renovated since the flooding last year, and it looks great! We held our company Christmas party there, and it was a good time.

For the Riverside area residents:

  • Biscottis—This is my wife’s favorite, possibly because of their dessert menu featuring a chocolate/peanut butter treat that she loves.
  • Restaurant Orsay—Their modern atmosphere is unique, and the venue is a little larger than other restaurants.

Finally, for those who live near the beaches:

If you have any questions about restaurants or real estate, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Until then, we hope you enjoy your Valentine’s date night to the fullest!