Here are my top five spots to get a lunch that’s tasty but also healthy.

Today we’re going to take a break from hard-hitting real estate information and instead look at my top five favorite healthy lunch spots.

1. Whole Foods. I like their combination salad and hot bar. For $10.99 per pound (or something close to that), you can get a great salad and add chicken and veggies to make a complete lunch.

2. Kairos. It’s in a retail shopping just west of Hodges Blvd on the north side of Beach Boulevard. They have a lot of great stuff on the menu, but I love their Kairos Quesadilla.

3. Juice Tap. They have tasty salads and juices that are also budget-conscious. My favorite is the veggie-filled greek salad.

4. Southern Roots Filling Station. If you’re in the Riverside Avondale area, check out this vegan restaurant. My favorite item they have is their quinoa and avocado protein bowl.

5. True Food. This is a slightly more formal lunch gathering spot in the town center. My favorite item is the turkey burger.

If you know a healthy lunch spot, I would love to hear it so that I can put it in our rotation. If you have any real estate questions, reach out to 904-405-1995 or I look forward to hearing from you.