Exclusive Interview: Michael Lenahen from Aurora Builders

We had the pleasure of interviewing Michael Lenahen from Aurora Builders. We’re excited to share his work with you. Michael is a renowned local custom builder in Northeast Florida, known for his exceptional work. I must admit, I found myself secretly jealous as I browsed through the stunning custom homes they’ve built, dreaming that one day, I’ll be calling Michael to build a house for me.

To learn how long he has been in the business and how his journey has been, check out the video above.

1. Introduction

  • Interview between Jeff from Pursuit Real Estate and Michael Lenahen from Aurora Builders.
  • Michael is a local custom builder in Northeast Florida with extensive experience.

2. Background of Aurora Builders

  • Michael started building homes in 1978 and established Aurora Builders in 1997.
  • Specializes in luxury custom homes and large-scale structural remodeling work.

3. Custom Home Projects

  • Aurora Builders caters to various architectural styles based on client preferences.
  • Emphasis on designing homes that blend with the environment, especially in Northeast Florida.

4. Differentiating Custom Builders

  • Aurora Builders focuses on low volume, building 2-3 custom homes a year for personalized attention.
  • Offers design assistance throughout the process, starting with the client’s budget.
  • Provides fixed price contracts, unlike the cost-plus percentage model of other builders.

5. Geographical Focus

  • Aurora Builders operates in Jacksonville and surrounding areas but does not cross major bodies of water.
  • Geographical ring includes areas within St. John’s River out to the beaches.

6. Favorite Projects

  • Michael enjoys building diverse custom homes tailored to each family’s unique preferences.
  • Examples include energy-efficient homes, professional kitchens, workout studios, and unique features like walk-in wine rooms.

7. Client Relationships

  • Aurora Builders invests significant time in client interactions, using software like Builder Trend for communication and updates.
  • Constant communication and updates throughout the day to involve clients in the building process.

8. Contact Information

  • Interested individuals can visit the Aurora Builders website or contact Michael directly at 904-591-2828.

9. Closing

  • Jeff thanks Michael for his time and offers residential real estate assistance.
  • Contact information for Pursuit Real Estate shared for inquiries.

I hope this has been insightful to you. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions for us!